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Guppies are fishes that are commonly kept as pets in aquariums.

    One of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish is the fancy guppy (poecilia reticulata var.). Guppies are noted for having a wide variety of colors and patterns that are very unique and beautiful. Guppies are arguably the hardiest of all aquarium fishes; guppies can tolerate conditions that other fishes will die in. Guppies are also known as millionsfish, since guppies can reproduce in millions very quickly. Guppies are the easiest fish to breed out all the aquarium fish species. Guppies are colourful, easy to breed, small, active, hardy, and non-aggressive, what more could you want?

     If you are new to guppies, you should start by seeing what guppies look like by checking out my pictures of guppies. There's lots of information on caring for guppies on this site. You can try breeding your guppies for numbers, or selective breeding your guppies for new strains of guppies. You'll also find information on curing guppy diseases on this website. Once you're really into guppies, you might want to learn about the guppies' genetics. If you have any questions, you can ask for help on the forums. The members or myself will be more than glad to help you.

    A full guide for guppies can be found here: Guppy Care

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