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Jennifer Wagner
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Hello! I'm not exactly new to this  site, as I have had guppies for about five years and I have done as much research as I can about them. A bit of information. I have a 40g tank  with both an undergravel filter and a waterfall type specifically for 40g tanks. The only other fish in the tank are 4 other guppies and a couple neon tetras. I've tested my water, and all numbers are optimum. (as in no nitrates no ammonia water changes are normal and does not have anything to do with the problem)  kind of thing) The undergravel filter is powered by an airstone which spits out bubbles into the tank and moves the water. (The Guppies have had this in the tank since they were put in there like 6 months ago. In the last three days two of my guppies have taken to swimming "against the current" up at the top of the tank in the bubbles formed by the undergravel filter. They aren't up there exclusively. They have no visual symptoms. (like clamped fins, or swimming funny or shaking or anything) They are fed twice a day with regular gravel vaccuumings. What could they be doing? Why don't any of the other guppies do this? (Oh and nothing has changed in the tank. No new plants, no sudden temperature shifts, and this was not following a water change) I'd appreciate any information you guys have. Thank you!

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hi Jen. sometimes some fishes have certain traits that aren't what one may call "normal". like as in the case of a couple of your guppies.where others choose to normally ignore the current on top,those 2 just decided it's fun to go against the flow. i believe this is a normal playful behavior and is not something that you should worry about. let's just say,some fish are far more adventurous than others. :)

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