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I was kinda thinking about getting guppies sometime... Maybe for Christmas? If I do, how do I keep it away from my cat? My curious kitten loves getting into things. :)

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Cats (lol).  I would suggest using a tight fitting hood on your aquarium. The cat shouldn't be able to open the hood. If that doesn't work, provide plenty of hiding place for your guppies. Good luck!




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Just as GuppyPro said, use a tight hood. And make sure your stand is sturdy.


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Chris Baez, Jr.
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I don't have any cats, for that same reason.

My mother had cats, and they get on the table, on the fridge, on the bed, everywhere.

I have three dogs, and they are even better than my wife and kids, they do everything I tell them.


Chris Baez, Jr.

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