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A website for lovers of guppies.

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i do eat fish,but some i keep as pets.

56 years old
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Jennifer Wagner
37 years old

33 years old
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33 years old
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About Me

47 years old
About Me

I enjoy my fish tanks and guppy variety! Interested in trading fish for different genetic characteristics.

30 years old

40 years old
About Me

Hi, we are a team of people who are always happy to help and assist fellow fish keepers. If one of us doesnt know the answer, then we can find someone who does :)

About Me

Jack Lorren
38 years old
About Me

I'm an owner and pet trainer, dog shock collars are a great tool when teaching your pet. Dog Shock Collars are safe and effective and come in different sizes and amounts of static to suit your dog. The instant correction will help your dog know that he is being corrected. In this manner, your dog will know what is right and wrong behavior.
70 years old
About Me

Long time fish keeper, over 20 years, have kept all kinds. Currently keeping busy running my own forum.

Andrea Burk
41 years old
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88 years old
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Pure Energy

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